What an amazing event! We provided a huge space this event and it still wasn’t big enough to house over 3000 market shoppers all after that special something! We bring to you only THE best and most quality products at our events and this market just SHONE! Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy, to wander, to grab a glass of wine and to shop over 40 boutique stands. See you for our next event! December the 11th. Mark it in your calendar and we will update you with information shortly!


Setting up and the crowd begin to arrive in the foyer


_DSC1085 _DSC1086 _DSC1087 _DSC1088 _DSC1089 _DSC1090 _DSC1091 _DSC1093_DSC1092  _DSC1094 _DSC1095 _DSC1096 _DSC1097 _DSC1098 _DSC1099 _DSC1100 _DSC1101 _DSC1102 _DSC1103 _DSC1104   _DSC1108 _DSC1109 _DSC1110 _DSC1111 _DSC1112 _DSC1113 _DSC1114 _DSC1115 _DSC1116 _DSC1117 _DSC1118 _DSC1119 _DSC1120 _DSC1121 _DSC1122 _DSC1124 _DSC1125 _DSC1126 _DSC1127 _DSC1130 _DSC1131 _DSC1132 _DSC1134 _DSC1135 _DSC1136 _DSC1137 _DSC1138 _DSC1139 _DSC1140 _DSC1141 _DSC1142 _DSC1146 _DSC1148 _DSC1149 _DSC1150 _DSC1151 _DSC1153 _DSC1155 _DSC1156 _DSC1157 _DSC1158 _DSC1159 _DSC1160 _DSC1161 _DSC1162 _DSC1164 _DSC1165 _DSC1166 _DSC1167 _DSC1168 _DSC1169 _DSC1170 _DSC1172 _DSC1173 _DSC1176 photo 2 _DSC1179 _DSC1180 _DSC1182 _DSC1183 FullSizeRender image2image1 image2 image3 IMG_0822 photo 1 copy photo 4photo 2 copy  photo 3 copy photo 3 photo 4 copy 


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